Children-Mission Possible Kids Camp

july 17-21, 10am-2pm. children grades 3-5. $30. 

Agents spend a week helping people in the Shreveport area!  Start as a special agent and rise through the ranks as you complete missions!


Youth-Christian Community Experience (CCE)

 July 17-21,

High School Summer Camp in Minden.


Youth-Mall Madness

 July 28, 7-9pm,

Win stickers, search for incognito people throughout the mall! Three teams compete for the golden flamingo!  Race to find the most Noel church members in Mall St. Vincent! 


Youth-Wacky Olympics

July 30, 7pm,

Teams compete in messy field day style games with other youth from the district.  Come prepared to get messy and have some fun!


Youth-Come to the Cross (Lake) 

August 11, Cross Lake,

Celebrate the end of summer and the winners of the Golden Flamingo!